"We, as hairdressers, wanted to create hair products that had strong and unique personalities, just like our clients"

<byCHLF> was founded in order to have the perfect tools for certain signature hair looks: Messy, soft waves, long bangs, strong lines, defined curls, crop tops or bobs all them classic styles with a sensual twist.The design is inspired by minimalism, strong colours and multi-purpose ideology.

<<<<Unisex, unisex, unisex>>>>>

CHLF products it's a unisex line that gives you the alternative and freedom to wear your hair exactly how you feel.

 We believe that many industries are taking a drastic turn towards neutral-easy-to-use concepts with a realistic approach towards their buyers since economy and culture are constantly in the move. There are many signs that we're evolving when it comes to design and function; For example, nowadays a couple would share their shampoo to cut costs but also to reduce waste, as a result a client is more incline towards a product that can be use for different looks and benefits.

 It's the "let's be practical" generation and with that also comes awareness, as a result, recycling is only getting stronger. The mainstream old ways are slowly becoming obsolete, we're loosing interest, and as we move forward as a subculture that embraces consumerism, it becomes more and more evident that staying away from mass production companies and mass produced products is what the future holds, and is about time!

Be part of CHLF's concept

All of our products are cruelty free, gluten free and vegan with no parabens or sodium chloride. Packaging made out of recycled materials.


Our brand is set to encourage the sense of less is more in all aspects, this collection was made to emphasize in natural texture and clean finish, from curly to straight. each product can be use for different purposes.